This is just a brief rant. Recently, I’ve discovered that some people just aren’t reading/responding to their e-mails. Then they come ask me questions about things I’ve already e-mailed them about.

Now, I’m with Wes and his thoughts on e-mail. The truth, though, is that e-mail is a better tool for interdeparment and intercorporate communications. IM and chat don’t really lend themselves very well to 1:1, one-time communications. Even with HipChat (which is awesome), it’s a real pin in the ass to search through the history if you don’t remember exactly what was said. E-mail, with the use of subject lines and tags, makes it much easier to search.

Besides that, sending someone an IM offers no confirmation that they received and understood the contents. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent IMs that have been lost to the nether. “No, I don’t think you IM’d me.” Or “I wasn’t online.” And you ask them to search for the IM, and you get shit responses for the reasons outlined above.

So yeah, I send e-mails. And my e-mails usually contain everything you need to know. And then when your response is “I have 90,000 e-mails…I don’t read them,” I really just want to throw bricks at your head.

Another irksome item is when I’ve written documentation on something, put it on the Wiki, then e-mailed everyone about it…and then ten minutes later I get asked how to do the very thing I just documented. Please, just read your damn e-mail. It’s not hard, and if you just archive/delete them as they come in, it’s a lot easier to manage.

This post is part of the #30in30 challenge.