A question came up recently on the mailing lists: How do I add a description of a ticket number to my policy?

Using the Junos annotate feature, we can do this easily for anything. Example below.

[email protected].example.com> configure
warning: Clustering enabled; using private edit
warning: uncommitted changes will be discarded on exit
Entering configuration mode

[email protected].example.com# edit interfaces

{primary:node0}[edit interfaces]
[email protected].example.com# annotate xe-0/0/7 "Turn up port to new QA zone - see ticket OPS-666"

{primary:node0}[edit interfaces]
[email protected].example.com# top

[email protected].example.com# show | compare
[edit interfaces]
+   /* Turn up port to new QA zone - see ticket OPS-666 */
    xe-0/0/7 { ... }

[email protected].example.com#

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